Resources and Articles

Resources and Articles

Take advantage of the following resources and articles to better understand Asset Protection.

Free Asset Protection Report

Which ones actually work and which ones are guaranteed to leave you in the courtroom begging for a settlement. Here’s an easy to read report for evaluating the multitude of asset protection strategies so you can quickly determine which strategies are right for you

Free Confidential Phone Consultation

Request a free telephone consultation with one of our experienced Asset Protection Consultants to discuss your individual situation or simply call 1-888-521-6577 Ext. 1 during normal business hours.

ARTICLE: Charging Order Protection

What is a charging order and how do you use the charging order to your advantage to protect your personal and business assets from lawsuits. Here’s an article that explains in a simple and easy to understand fashion how a charging order protective entity works.

ARTICLE: Do Trusts Protect Assets?

Trust is so often misunderstood when it comes to asset protection. Can a trust protect your assets? Read this article to find out what a trust is and how it might or might not protect your assets.

ARTICLE: How to Avoid Losing Your Fortune to A Lame Lawsuit

You might not like O.J. Simpson but we can all learn a great deal on how to protect our assets from him. Learn how O.J. has avoided paying the Goldman family a dime (except his Rolex watch and Heisman Trophy) after he lost a $33.5 million wrongful death lawsuit in 1995.