The Ultra Protective Wyoming / Nevada Limted Liability Company (LLC) Package is the cornerstone of your asset protection plan. It provides both the liability protection and proxy ownership necessary for bulletproof asset protection. It can be used to protect real estate, stocks, cash, vehicles, business equipment and more.

This package includes everything you need to operate your new asset protection LLC legally and with privacy. It’s quick, easy and affordable.

Here is what you will receive:

    • A prestigious Wyoming or Nevada business address for your new corporation (not a P.O. Box)
    • One full year of resident agent and registered office service for your Ultra Protective Wyoming or Nevada LLC
    • One year consulting membership allowing you to call a toll-free number for consultation and support from our asset protection specialists
    • Preparation and filing for a Federal Tax ID number (necessary to open a bank account)
    • Assistance to open a company bank account for your LLC if needed
    • Preparation of an asset protection oriented operating agreement that spells out the responsibilities of the manager and members as well as the rights and restrictions of creditors against a member of the LLC to bulletproof the assets in the LLC (60-70 pages)
    • A Deluxe Binder for your LLC documents, operating agreement and records

Why Our LLC is Ultra Protective

Asset Protection Consulting Group gives you the most important document you need to actually protect your assets in your LLC. You see, anyone can register for a LLC in any state. However if and when your future enemy decides to challenge the validity of your LLC in court, the first thing they and the judge will ask for is your operating agreement. If you don’t have one, it’s very likely that the judge will set your LLC aside as just an extension of you or as your alter ego and not a separate entity. If that happens your LLC will mean absolutely nothing. Even if you have a LLC operating agreement but that agreement is for running a business and not for asset protection, it will actually do more harm than good. The 70-page plus operating agreement we provide for you is prepared specifically for asset protection and not for running a business. Don’t go for a false sense of security by buying a standard LLC online to save a few dollars. Your hard-earned assets are too valuable to be left to chance.


Wyoming and Nevada are the incorporation capitals of the U.S., and for good reason. Wyoming and Nevada limited liability company and limited partnership laws give their LLCs some of the best liability protection and privacy available today. That’s because Wyoming / Nevada still believe in the independence of the old west. The people of Wyoming and Nevada believe in a small government that doesn’t meddle in the business of its citizens – including its corporate citizens. Many other states now allow lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil,” and enforce personal liability for the debts and actions of the corporation on its officers and directors but Wyoming and Nevada laws clearly make the action of a corporation’s representatives exempt from personal responsibility except in cases of outright fraud.

Wyoming’s LLC law doesn’t require ownership and manager information to form a LLC. Nevada’s LLC statutes require only the name and address of the company manager to be listed with the Secretary of State. And this person can be a nominee or a private trust, allowing you to manage and control your assets behind a veil of privacy.
A creditor suing an owner of a Wyoming / Nevada LLC cannot reach into the LLC to seize its assets. Both Wyoming and Nevada LLC statutes specify that the charging order is the sole and only remedy. Wyoming and Nevada are two of the few states that do not allow the foreclosure of a charging order. If the LLC does not distribute any assets to its owners, the charging order creditor gets nothing. The potential tax liability for a charging order creditor will more often than not make the creditor want to settle and go away.

Plus These Other Advantages in Wyoming and Nevada

      • No corporate income tax
      • Members (owners) and manager of the LLC need not be residents of Wyoming / Nevada (or even U.S. citizens) and do not need to come to Wyoming / Nevada to form the LLC
      • A Wyoming or Nevada LLC can own property in any state without having to be incorporated in that state
      • Members meetings may be held anywhere in the world
      • A Nevada LLC can be formed in one business day. A Wyoming LLC can be formed in about one week.

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